In my last post I had said it was unbelievable about how many positions in rank I had dropped after a badly played tournament in the Open League, well that was nothing compared to the boost I was given when I managed 2 get as far as 51st before being bumped. I was moved up 31,399 places in the ranking with a bonus of position 125 in Trickiness with it going up to 8.02 & Shooter at 745 with a score of 4.34. Just by seeing how quickly it can b turned around has lifted my spirits as far as the League goes, I now know that with a little patience added to sound smart decisions I do not need to worry about being a bottom dweller for the month. Some of the tourneys will be bad showing though no fault of anyone because that is how the cards fall and the results may not go your way. Just as my first tourney after my boost has shown me. I was being careful about just throwing up the price of the BB with the hope of seeing the flop cheap. I was dealt pocket Kings and put in half my chips, that bumped everyone except the chip leader who called with pocket Aces I found out soon enough. The flop was J,Q,K and I felt good about the out come and shoved all-in. I was called an then I saw the Aces, I still thought I was in good shape as the turn was a 3, the River was a 10 and I was on the outside of the tourney looking in. Anyone who has played here for any amount of time has either been in hands with these wins or losses on the river, some call them 'Bad Beats', I just call them unlucky hands for the player on the losing end, they r great hands when you r on the other side with the win an a smile. So I guess I should prepare myself for another big change in ranking poistions but the one in which I made 51st is my proof it can all turn around again. It is only a third of the month passing so far so with twice that time remaining there r many possiblities to maybe reach a FT or just place under 100th. I obviously would rather have the FT but I am not greedy, plus once you r that far into these tournaments it is about your play, nothing like the start of many where it all counts on how lucky u can get, I have seen 8,5o take out AA, not often but it does happen. I will try to turn things around today as I think there is still a tourney or two to play. Now the other bad start.

After being bumped from the tourney I went back to a cash game I had been playing and had left the table open while in the League game. My first hand there was pocket Jacks a player in the UTG raised an I re-raised 50% and the rest folded except the raiser, so we got a Flop with a Jack of clubs and 10, 3 both Hearts, I re-raised about 80% of the pot & was called, the turn was the 5 of clubs, I re-raised the size of the pot an was called, the other player had made small bets for each card coming up and I had re-raised each time. The River was the 7 of clubs and for the first time in this hand the other player only checked so I sadly did the same realizing what was about to happen. Sure enough the player turned over a 4,8 of Clubs.

Anyone who reads this I would appreciate very much your thoughts on what I should have done in the hand that I had pocket Jacks, should I have shoved pre-flop, or shoved once I made my set. What could I have done 2 turn this into a win instead of the loss I recieved? Whether u respond or not I hope u all have a great day, later, Len.