I have been talking in the last few postings I have put up about my terrible play as far as the Open league goes and that I was going to basically get back to it and fight my way through this slump as I do not believe one should give up. A person can quit at some of the things they do but if so it should b done on their terms and hopefully on a winning note. Well I guess I have a heck of a lot more fighting to do as what happened to my stats today I did not think was possible, it was so far out there the only thing you can do is laugh and look forward to tomorrow. I had a -10087 positions in my ranking. Over 10k drop, that is nuts, when I first saw it I laughed because my first thought was how I had told all of you about how I was going to get back at it an turn things around. I did play at some tables and that was fine for awhile and then it also turned on me and I could not catch anything and when I did it still turned out second best but that is a different story for another time. I jokingly said in the title some days r for chores as in not to b playing poker, that also is a bit of a laugh as we r getting hit with the biggest blizzard of the year, possibly the worst in many years. North of here they may get as much as 50 centimetres of snow and closer to my farm we r supposed to get a lot of rain which will freeze and as the tempatures drop we will also get snow, this is along with 80 kph winds. If I was to try an do chores in the yard I would need a safety line so I would not get lost in the whiteout and b found days later frozen solid. Hopefully most of you r doing much better than I and having a great day at all you r doing, goodnight all, Len.