I was completely wrong about the new Leagues we have coming, not sure what I read or if maybe it was just some dummy (myself) reading and making the wrong conclusions. I had some how gotten it into my thoughts that there was going 2 b a fee attached 2 the entry of the tornaments in all the new leagues. with that thought I figured we were seeing the beginning of the end. This is one time were I am very happy that I am very wrong. Not a common feeling about being in the wrong . So with the fee issue out of the way I would like to add that, #1 this was not my idea but it was told to me by a player in the Premier League and it makes a lot of sense. The idea is that along with the new formatt of taking your best 15 tourneys from the 53 u could possibly play maybe they should also add the 15 worst. The thought being that it would be a deterrant to those players that will continue with their all-in + a small prayer way of playing these tourneys. With no deterrant for such type of play there is not a lot there to make one want to change, especially if the all-in style has worked a few times. As said this was not my idea but I do think it is a very good one and maybe we will c something like it after these leagues have run for a few months. Now to the second issue in the title.


My tourney play so far this month could not be worse even if I tried, not sure if it is just me making poor decisions or maybe as the smoke clears we r seeing exactly where I am at in playing ability as I creep up on my fifth month of knowing how to play Texas Hold'em, I sure hope that is not the case. I think I have played in 5 Open League tourneys so far. I do know that twice I have been bumped when I had the best hand until the River card shut me down. A terrible way to lose as it really gives me a kick in the head when it happens. Yes I have won my share of hands when the River card turned a medium made hand into a monster. I am sure anyone who has played for a month or so has seen this type of hand. It is not really that big a deal, what makes some so, as in a big deal, is when they r the reason for being in or being out of the tournament. Those r the ones that take a bit more of your card playing spirit with them. I still have 3 weeks so hopefully I can still turn things around this month, I do not like giving up, at least not without some sort of fight. The idea of hitting the floor an covering up like a turtle has never been my style, win or lose I would like the other to know it is not easy. So now we move on and go to the third part of the title.

I have been doing well at the cash table and I could probably say a couple of the last 7 days have been much better than well, possibly great days at least at my micro levels. Have already finished 4 steps in my march to 10 so I can retain the level I have been able to reach. Hope u r all doing your best and on your way to better, until next time, Len.