I am having a hard time finding the desire 2 compete in League play at this time as if I have read & understood the new Leagues coming our way soon I have a very bad feeling. Hopefully I am completely wrong, if right about the entry fees 4 these new tourneys then they r above the Micro Levels so that will force players 2 move up 2 Low Levels. 4 most of us this will not b a big deterant but I am sure it will b an issue 4 many others. The first time deposit that will b required should not b a bother because of all the incentives attached 2 your first deposit. I would like 2 say 2 those who will b making their first deposit 2 take a bit of time b4 doing so & spend a few minutes checking on those incentives, make sure u have all codes & passwords required, make sure u r getting the most bang 4 your buck as u can. Now back 2 the new system on the way, again I hope I am wrong, wrong, wrong. This issue of fees could & will push many out of our School & off 2 other sites. PS may have been the first 2 start with helping 2 teach newbies but I took the time 2 look & they r not the only ones offering 2 teach anymore. So moving will not b a that bad & may even b good 4 some as most of these sites r all competing 2 get u 2 play at their site so there r a lot of incentives in that area. I will remain here as I am a foolish old school person with the values that came with that era. PS has treated me well, they showed me how 2 play a game I had only watched played b4 & I have won a little, ( I keep being told by other players that I am BSing about my almost 5 months of experience because if that was the case I should not b at the Gold Level ), that Gold Level only means I have a lot of spare time & I have used it here trying 2 become better at a game I find very interesting & enjoyable. Once again, back 2 the new system, should it end up pushing enough players away then it is just a matter of time b4 we will possiblably c the end of PS School, I hope so so much that I am way off base & wrong because this School has been great as far as I am concerned. So there u have it, my thoughts about the possible demise of the School & how I think the new system is flawed. Now 2 another issue that is once again a old school valued person hoping 2 talk 2 a generation that came along years after I had already made many of the mistakes we all make on our journey though life. Information about our mistakes, errors of judgement & just common blunders if known by others is always going 2 b around. Depending on who u r it can also come back years later 2 bite your ass as many politicians worldwide have had the unpleasant experience of finding out. During my younger years 1 would have 2 do some investigating 2 come up with most of this garbage but it has happened many times. In 2days world it is much easier to catalog & store this info plus a lot of it is things we r doing on-line so it is very easy 2 store 4 later use if necessary & that is what I am bringing up now as I happen 2 c many profile pics & it makes me wonder if that person has any idea about what they r doing. I am sure many think they r being cool or whatever word is now popular 4 that action, some think they r thumbing their noses at everyone out their because "they do not care what u think", that could change fairly fast. I c many pics that just make me shake my head & I hope that person soon sees the light. 1 pic I have seen is a young man picking his nose (thank God he did not show us himself eating whatever he found in there if that is what he did after he was done with  mining his treasure), okay bad enough as it is but now let us take it a step further. Suppose this young person happens 2 have a real grip on this game & how it works. Sometime in the near future he happens 2 win a huge tournament with a prize that is in the 7-8 digit range, good 4 him, a life changing experience that should have the added benefit of possible endorsments worth huge amounts of $ each year 4 as long a contract as his agent can get a company 2 sign 4, just b4 all this happens they go through the monster sized cheque given 2 him on a stage with many media outlets hoping 4 a chance 2 speak with this young phenom & as the camers r rolling up behind him on this stage they show where he began his new career at PS & also put up his profile pic with half a finger missing because it is buried in his nasal canal. Would or could that small blunder cost him those possible endorsments? Is a silly pic taken during a moment of craziness worth that chance? I 4 1 do not think it is worth trying just 2 find out. We all need 2 think just a wee bit b4 we jump. Hope u all have a great day & your weekend was all u wanted it 2 b, later, Len.