I tried 3 different tourneys 2day & it seemed if I caught decent hole cards eveyone folded or my hand would end up being 2nd best so hung up my tourney play 4 the day & decided 2 get a early start on securing my Gold level. Within 15 minutes playing $0.02/$0.05 I had tripled & quadrupled both tables I was at so as long as the cards were running my way I figured I'd use the run at $0.10/$0.25. Turned out 2 b a good move, had 3 tables open & #1 had an extra 1/2 stack, #2 had doubled up + a bit & #3 was just short of being tripled up. I was also picking up some moves by others which in my mind will b worth much more than any $ I happen 2 salt away (if any) once my day here is done. That info on those I tagged should b worth many paydays if they keep doing things as they r. Knowledge is power & power here (probably everywhere) is $ so I think I am going about this in the correct way. Have posted some of the hand on Boom under Astor G26, they r not showing up yet as I checked so there must b some sort of delay b4 they post them under a players name. Most r wins & a few losses but have not taken any big hits yet so cannot post any of them & hopefully none 2 post later either   I did play 1 hand where I tilted 4 a minute or so because of something that happened but was very lucky & picked up a Nut Flush along wirh a player who could not muck his monster & moved his stack over 2 join mine. So that is about it 4 now, hope u r all doing better than I as then there should b a lot of smiles at many of the tables, later, Len


PS. I want to get stats on Micro-Millions but cannot seem 2 find the tourneys, unless they r not called that & I am looking at them & not knowing it, I asked 4 help on another forum but nothing back yet. Could someone please tell me what & where 2 look 4 them? Thank u