I wanted 2 try an c if I could knock off 1 more step b4 Mar. 1st, started at 6 man tables at level $0.10-$0.25, this was about 3 hours ago, very first hand & this has happened 2 me a few times, I get AA an the fellow that raises makes all fold except me, I call the $0.75 from the BB, flop is A,5,10. He raises $160 & I reraise to $5.40 which is called, Turn is a 4 & the Villian checks 2 me & I raise $10.60 & he goes all-in which I call an wonder if he has 2,3. but then the river is a 10 & I know it is my pot. He shows A,Q. That fellow gets me back later when his QQ cracks my AA when he catches a Q on the flop, I my have come out $5 better between both hands as this was on another table. B4 that I catch another AA on the table I had doubled up on an a Villian who had a stack of about $45 reraises my $0.75 up 2 $3.40 which I call an the flop is A,9,Q. I raise $2.50 an he shoves the rest of his stack in which I am happy 2 call, not even sure what the turn an river were as I was a bit stunned when he showed A,4. Why would u shove with that I thought but then I made an error the night b4 so maybe it was just that, an error. The reason 4 the title is in a time period of about 2-3 hours I had picked up about 6 or 7 full stacks, the double & a few that where around the halfway mark. Even the betting b4 the flop was usually up to $5-$7. This was at 6 seat tables an if was as if everyone had 2 get their $ in2 a pot, even at the 9 seat tables it is not like that, & usually not that way at the 6 seaters either so I thought maybe there was a mad 2 get some steps finished as I did a day ago. Whatever it was I was on the receiving end of a lot pots. As the pre-flop madness picked up I had 4 then 3 tables going, usually 3 open & instead of getting involved with the pre-flop madness I tighten up what I would stay in with an if a table got over the $100 mark I would let it sit 4 a few rounds then dump it an open another. I did finally leave & stopped at the 9 seat tables an once again on the first hand I managed to take down a stack an a half of 1 on a second table. Anyways no idea what all that was about but I did finish step 11 and part of 12 b4 time was called so happily I will remain Gold 4 another month at least. Have a great night everyone an hope 2 c u reading my rambling stories, it is appreciated very much, later, Len.