I was almost ready 2 cede the Gold level because as of yesterday about an hour b4 I received a notice, more of a warning really saying I had to complete 4 more steps b4 months end if I wanted 2 retain the Gold Level. I was working on my stats at the time & step 7 was close 2 finished but 3 steps more seemed out of reach. I did okay in the league tourneys but could not seem 2 do much at the tables as far as working on the steps, took a few bad hits that cost me some $ but I settled down an tighten up my play some an b4 too long had managed 2 gring most of it back a little at a time, lost it in chunks so all I had done was make more work 4 myself, I finally was near even, still down but much better than it had been. I decided to finish off with a tourney that cost $0.33 & managed 2 finish first which immediately moved me in2 another tourney, I think I will pass playing that type again as I perfer 2 takke a break after a battle 4 first place just 2 sort of relax on look the next tourney over & also maybe have a bite 2 eat, surprising how much better 1 plays when they have energy 2 spare compared to no energy along with a empty tank. So that was that, was bumped from the other tourney at about 25th or so I think. This morning I took a walk as I had a cup of java & decided maybe 1 tourney 4 each league & the rest would b work on the Gold Steps. The Qualifier was the first tourney an I was bumped on the first had with pocket Ks when the other player caught his set on the river, I was a bit peeved about that an put the tourneys 2 the side & decided 2 finish as much as I could on work making the Steps. I began slow with a couple Zoom tables & added a 3rd then just dumped everything that was garbage but widened my range of playable hands whenever I had position. That started 2 go my way right from the start, was lucky enough 2 have 2 players go all-in pre-flop when I had been dealt pocket aces & picked up 2 extra stacks 2 add 2 mine. A bit later I caught a set when 2 others caught their A 4 A/Q & A/K where as soon as I reraised I had a full stack & a half of 1 go all-in & was able 2 add those 2 mine also, there was only 1 bad thing, 1 table I was playing I had about $30 & as I was about 2 fold 2 a $20 pre-flop raise I also turned 2 speak 2 someone in the room & when I next looked I had called the bet, accidently touch the call button as I turned around & instead of just accepting it as the mistake it was I compounded it by trying 2 bluff with the rest, with that gone it took about a half hour of grinding an another set 2 bring it all back home. So about 4 hours later, maybe 5 an a bit I had the 10th step finished & Gold Level is safe 4 a month. Thought since the cards seemed 2 b falling my way it was a good time 2 play my Open league game, I was done b4 the late registration was over so no more tourneys tonight, I will keep on with the tables an if things start turning bad it will b the end 4 the day.


PS I was dealt my first Royal Flush while at a zoom table yesterday, in diamonds, I put it on Boom with my name, sure wish I had be playing Deal at the time    gl everyone, Len.