Not really any phycological barrier as I believe it takes a certain amount of time 4 a person 2 develope that sort of thing & I do not know if 4&1/2 months is long enough but 4 the second day in a row I went deep in a Open League tourney & broke through the 100th position. Also made it in2 the paid players b4 I was bumped at 51st place, the FT would have been great but I am very happy with this performance. I was also playing a School Pass tourney, I had won the ticket in the scatch & match thing I think, anyways I was able 2 place first in that tourney & picked up a ticket 2 a $3.30 tournament 2 be played at a later date, those 2 tournaments keep me 2 busy 2 b able 2 try the Qualifier League as of yet so hopefully thing continue 2 hold together & I can do well there also. Not sure what this will do 2 my stats but in the 1 I played yesterday I went up over a 100 points so I am at 1700 & a bit & was pushed up a huge amount in my rank. Only played a few hands at cash tables b4 all this started so cannot say how that will go today, hopefully as well as it did yesterday. Sort of a short message, especiallly 4 me as I usually ramble on 4 a few thousand word or so but I need 2 get up an go for a walk, over 4 hours 2 win the School Pass tourney so I need 2 get my body moving some, plus I am still pumped abit about how well things went & sitting when I feel like this is not what I need, hope all of u have as good a day, later, Len.