I made it 2 the second last table in another Qualifier tourney, if I had made the FT it would have been 2 in 2 days, bumped at 15th & not because of a 'Bad Beat' or any other thing like falling into a trap of another player, no I cannot look about an point a finger at something or someone unless I happen 2 b standing in front of a mirror. I basically shot myself in the foot, had pocket Qs an 1 player called my raise, there was a K in the flop & instead of accepting the fact that this deep in2 the tourney & nearing the position where players will get paid the chances r fairly good no 1 is going 2 toss all their chips into the pot without some sort of hand with a chance of winning. I am wrong, there was 1 fool willing 2 think the K meant nothing & my QQ had enough power 2 win, the fool? Myself of course, I suppose I could use the excuse that I am still only a newbie or fish but that is all it would b, an excuse. 1 I cannot honestly use because no matter how new I am 2 this game I do know better. Also the Qualifier League will get an occassional player who goes on tilt 4 a bit, something not seen often & it is nothing like the Open League when it starts with a full house of 10,000 players an u c many people going all-in with 7/2o or other silly stuff as I believe they have bought in2 this idea that if u play these worse possible cards u will catch an win by the Bad Beat. Yes sometimes I have seen those hands win but I also c the same player doing it over an over, they may get that coin flip going their way once or twice but I never c their names on the list of active players after the first 2 or 3 thousands players r bumped b4 the 15 minute mark of the start time. Also  I guess I can always try again today but have been trying 2 keep it 2 a tourney a day, not sure why as the buy in is not going 2 set 2 many players back much. Last month I played as often as I could, but this month I have been attempting 2 show a bit of patience & restraint. A few days I have played twice so I may do so 2day, not sure at this time. I could probably use the time in a better way by going over my  played hands & seeing what an where I could have done things differently & maybe changed a loss in2 a win. I enjoy the study so that is a bit of a bonus when it comes 2 trying 2 gain more knowledge about this game of chance which gets a +1 & the other side which is the skill of using the tools we have when playing, that part of it gets a +5. I am sure a player could get by on chance (luck) at times & if they only played sparingly they might even stay on the + side where $ r concerned but anyone who intends 2 play daily or even just every weekend, if they do not take some time 2 at least watch the videos in the School section or put some real effort in2 picking up all they can about the game there is not a chance that they will remain in the +$  section, it would b like a lottery win if they did. I checked my stats yesterday a few hours after reaching the FT, I gained over 700 points and was up in the 370 range 4 rank, I c that it had gone down by a few points this morning so I guess the play of others can make our stats change, something I was not aware of. As 4 the Open League I am taking some very big losses, hope I can amend that b4 too much time has passed, have a great day all, Len.