Was lucky enough 2 make the FT in a Qualifier league game & bumped at 8th out of a group of 84 players so made about 200% of my entry price. I love the way using that percentage symbol makes it seem as if u must have done very very good as far as $ goes, well the truth of it is entry was 1.10 & I think I was given a little over $2. At least I also get a smile by putting in down in writting that way. There was only 1 small problem, a player who had won against me earlier in the tourney when I tried a small bluff because any chance of a decent hand went up in smoke from the flop on 2 the river as we checked each round. Anyways this player seemed 2 think I was dumb 2 try that & he was much smarter because he caught me with absolutely nothng 4 a hand. I have been playing this game 4 a few days past 4 months so if I screw up at times please accept it as the play of a newbie, there is absolutely no reason 2 try an make me feel as if because of my play I just ruined his day. I said in the chat that I screwed up an should not even have been in the hand from the start. So about an hour later when the blinds & stacks had gotten much larger I caught AA in the UTG position & I raised 3 BBs I believe so when it was this players turn he went all-in with pocket 10s, I took about $4000 of his chips, about 3/4 of his stack. It took maybe 10 seconds 4 the insults 2 start popping up in the chat, I said sorry but he just kept on. I wrote that I never say bad things 2 other players as it is 2 me too much like kids in school bickering at each other even though u know there will never b a fight, just wasted words an energy, just as I was posting this in the chat we were moved to 2 tables so I guess he missed what I said, oh well, would rather have a friend than a foe but not my choice there.


As for my thoughts about zoom, it is great if u r a little impatient as I am at times and u can just dumped the hand 4 another, also if u r playing a few tables u can c a lot of hands in a short period & because of that there is no real need 2 do much bluffing if any at all. I believe Randy Lew, hope I spelt that right saw some unbelievable amount of hands in a short time span, some kind of world record I think was involved there. Anyways zoom is exactly as it sounds, fast or faster covers it. Now while playing there especially if u play many tables u r using your skills at poker & that is what u have because there is not a lot of time. So the down side is if u r tagging players when u happen 2 notice something they may do when certain things all line up this is a bit hard 2 do in zoom, at the regular tables there is time to tag an also u r able 2 notice more about some players. Information is the greatest asset a player can have when playing poker, if u r 90% or more sure about what will happen then u will evenually have 90% or more $ than those u have the information on. Just my thoughts about zoom & I could b completely wrong I guess, gl all, Len.