Well my Shooter stat was bumped up a +181, so it now sits at 6.49 which I think is ok, probably middle of the pack maybe as it says rank 537. My Trickiness got a huge boost of+1266 so it sits at 5.97, again maybe middle of pack at rank 580. Not sure if I should b proud of that big jump, the game site says it helps 2 disguise your way of playing, 2 me it says "wow u r a better liar than u thought". I know it is just during the game & so long as that is where 1 leaves it then all is good. I managed 2 do ok in league play & made another FT in Qualifier league & a fairly deep run in a Open league along with a very good run in a tournament that I was given tickets 4 that say they r from the School but not sure if those tourneys go towards your stats, also played in a $0.22 tourney where I bumped the last player & the rest of us left received buy ins 2 another tourney but by then I guess I was done with tournaments & did not get very far there, would have liked the ticket so I could choose the time I would feel like playing it, at least they should have given us an hours notice. There I am taking someone last chips an the next thing I have 3000 chips instead of the 200,000 I had after bumping that player. It sort of caught me by surprise as first time I was in a tourney like that, I will b ready next time around. I had also been playing the cash tables throughout the tournaments but I got my butt handed 2 me on a platter there. It was like I could do no wrong in tournament play but do no right at the tables. Would b nice 2 have them both on the same page, then if things r going good u can open up some an c how far u can take it b4 the cards turn on you an all u can do is grind a few small pots here an there. Or if things r not going good at either place u can call it a day & leave the site while u get some work done. 1 thing that did sort of help out was I had someone tell me they where having some of the same problems as I was & so I told him some of the things another player (1 with much more experience than I have or will have 4 a long time). The player I was passing along the advice 2 sent me a message & also told me how he was dealing with a bit of a slump. What he was doing was the right thing, I realized I had let some things slide as I was having my little run of decent cards & getting a few Bad Beats go my way. The player thanked me 4 what I had passed along but I think it should have been me thanking him 4 waking me up, I went back 2 the School & checked up on some of the areas I was hitting speed bumps in, it helped me a lot. I was thinking on it later & it was a very good feeling knowing there r many of us here trying our best 2 help our selves but also helping others & basically doing the right thing. We r from dozens of different countries & that means nothing as we pass on what we hope is help. A lot of career politians could learn a lot if they were true 2 themselves & us who voted them there, the world would b a much better place if they spent some time with us, later everyone & good luck 2 u all, Len.