My play in the Poker School League is still pretty bad & I seem 2 b making it even worse because instead of being patient & playing properly I am constantly finding myself digging a deeper hole by trying 2 make hands with cards I would never dream of even entering a cash game hand with. I final made a FT and was bumped at 5th in the Qualifier League & also in a Open League tourney that had the max 10,000 entries I was bumped at 255th. I understand that my trying 2 make something out of nothing is foolish, by entering hands with garbage cards I am doing more harm 2 my stats than if I did not play at all, once I am there playing I find it very difficult 2 stay on the high road & use what I have been taught about play in MTTs. I can lay some of the blame on work related issues but that is just a bit of a cop out so that I do not have to tell myself the truth, which is that all the blame is entirely on my shoulders & there is no other place it belongs. I need 2 suck it up & relax, there is absolutely no reason 2 b worked up over a situation that is happening because I am not getting AA every other hand. I need 2 take what I get & then use the tools & knowledge that I have been given through the PS School courses. the information in those courses is solid, it comes from players with many years of playing, most important part there is they have been playing 4 years & also winning much more than they r losing. So I need 2 start there, this slump I am going through is a normal & I am sure all who have played 4 any amount of time have had their down swings also. So long as 1 does not do more damage as I have it will pass, & then hopefully the up swing is used properly 2 get the most out of it as possible. If Feb. happens 2  my worst month in league play I should b looking at the bright side which is that this is the shortest month and it is not a Leap Year. Since I am still doing fine as far as other parts of the game goes, such as at the cash tables I know that my league games r only turning out badly because I am doing things I do not do at cash tables. I believe if I look back far enough on what I am doing I will c I am playing 2 many hands with cards that should never b used except 2 help fill out the deck. Regardless of the flop, if it happens 2 have those cards & your hand goes from garbage 2 a monster which will happen at times it still makes no sense 2 play them b4 the flop. As said, yes garbage can at times turn in2 gold but in the long run they will still b garbage 4 a huge % of the time, since we r supposed 2 b playing poker, not lottory draws those cards should hit the muck pile as soon as I c them & being able 2 vent about it here is a bonus because getting the foolish thoughts out in he open helps 1 2 rid themselves of them.

As 4 the great deal in the header that was something that happened as I was logging off last night, I had not played the 'Deal' 4 awhile so I tried the 7 StarCoins per turn & clicked it 2 play 10 hands at 7 per hand. Hand 8 was a 23456 diamonds & I was given $250. GL all, Len.