I had put in my last post that I had a chance of a big bonus & a few of u made some comments on that issue. I thank all of u who read it & a special thank u 2 those who left a comment. 1 of those comments mentioned a player who has a ton of experience with these ticket won, buy in tournaments, I thanked the person 4 the info & was going 2 look up the expert 2 c if I could get a few tips on what I should & should not do. B4 I had the chance 2 look the player up I received a comment from him. Some of u on this site r amazing people. I have said it b4 but again I say I am basically a newbie here as I have only been playing 4 about 4 months. I think about those of u who r willing 2 help out with ways 2 improve my game, the moderators do this as much as they can when asked but when regular players such as myself r willing 2 try & help me improve I think of u as very classy folks. If u r wondering what I find amazing it is the fact that at some time we may meet at a table & because of the tips given there is the chance I could win. Yes that is a remote possibility but it could happen & 2 those of u helping out that makes u the top players in my books. When we first make up a profile as we join this club there is a question about who u respect the most as a poker player, I believe my answer then was I respect those who deserve it, a name that is attached 2 fame does not get an automatic pass, 2 me respect is something earned not something just given. My answer now 2 that question would b that I respect those of u willing 2 try an help those of us who r just beginning 2 learn things about this game. I went a little off course, not a new thing 4 me 2 do, I have a tendenacy 2 get side tracked when I am writing, once I come across something a subject I feel passionate about I seem 2 4get where I was & switch to the thing I have strong feelings about so now I will try 2 get back on course. The expert on the tourney play was a really good person who had no problem giving me advice I sorely needed along with more about tourney play. So after all this was said & done I went 2 check on the tournament just 2 make sure I had the start time right if & when I decided which way 2 go. I could not find the tourney & found out PS had to cancel 4 some reason & had put $11 into my account. That evening I entered another of the same tournaments, $0.33 entry fee with the last 4 receiving a ticket 2 the new Sunday tourney, I was bumped out at 5th, I place away from a second ticket in 2 days. I was a bit disappointed but I still was given about 600% more than my buy in. Looks so much better done in %, later all, Len.