Well I got lucky with a $0.33 tournament, it took 2 or 3 hours but finally at the FT I was able 2 bump the 5th place player out & that made me the chip leader, not that it mattered as I believe the other 3 players also got a 1st place stamp by their names & we all received a ticket 2 the Sunday Storm Tournament. So now I suppose I could take the $11 that the ticket costs & I would b $10.67 ahead as of now or I play the tournament & c what happens. I already know I will try with the tourney, not much sense in cashing the ticket, well maybe a lot of sense in that move but if I was that careful with that amount of $ then there is a very good chance I would not b here anyways. The game itself is all about taking chances 2 try & turn a little amount of $ in2 a lot more, hopefully a lot more, but more that u started with is the goal. So I will b doing a lot of reading the next couple days & I will take some time at a few tourneys. I have not been doing 2 well with the Open & Qualifier league tourneys this last week or so, maybe the reading up on MTTs will give me a boost there also, if anyone who reads this is in the tournament I wish u luck & we can meet at the FT, later all, Len.