I was playing at a cash table earlier I had a pretty good hand, not much action from the others except 4 calling my bets, by the time we bet on the River there were only 2 of us left in the hand, this was a $0.05-$0.10 table, I had about $8 at the start of the hand & seeing the River card I went all-in, the other player in the hand called & showed his hand. A Royal Flush, first 1 I have seen dealt since starting 2 play just about 4 months ago, I have gotten a couple Striaght Flushes an seen a couple others dealt 2 others but this was my first Royal, it was in hearts. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it had been dealt 2 me , I was not angry about losing the hand & if it had not been on a Zoom table I would have said congrats 2 the winner. So I cannot brag about having a Royal & taking down someone's stack, that privilige goes 2 the winner & I hope he enjoys talking about it, I know I would. That also brings up another issue but this 1 is on the negative side of things. In about 2-3 hours of playing I came across at least a half dozen players being exremely rude towards other players who had beaten them. The words used the most r about how the winner is a Fish & whatever else the low class punks can put down on the chat, not much most of the time because u need 2 have a vocabulary 2 insult others with words that have more than 3 or 4 letters, sadly these poor losers do not have that advantage. What I wonder though is if they r losing 2 these so called Fish what does that say about the skills of the loser? The cards that some of the winners had played the hand with may not b cards I would consider using but who am I 2 judge which cards r better, especially when they had won with them. R there that many players on this site who cannot accept the fact that they will lose some of the hands they play? Also if they r such great players who r willing 2 insult others at the table why r they playing here. Why not turn pro & take their game 2 some real cash games where it is $25,000 just 2 sit down? I honestly get pretty worked up over these fools who seem 2 think they r good enough 2 spit out words at others & think all their loses r because those they happen 2 b playing with do not know enough 2 play the cards they figure r proper, not the cards that beat them. Not sure if that last piece made sense as I was starting to get myself worked up over something best forgotten. I was not the one who any insults were aimed at 2day but it still bothers me that these fools cannot keep their mouths shut & accept the loss as all the rest of us do. This game is all about wins & losses & we all get our share of both, most of us understand this & realize that it is how the game unfolds during a couple hour session & the losses we get r also just a part of this game we call Poker.Len.