Well I had thought my stats would b beaten down as I was bumped early in both a Qualifier & Open league tourney but in the next 2 I made it 2 the final table in Qualifier with a 4th or 5th place finish. Sorry 4 not being exact on my positions, once I am out of the tourney it is basically lost from my memory. Not sure if that is classified as an early senior episode or just plain laziness, it would take seconds 2 jot it down but since I have all tourney records e-mailed I know I have a record of it should I ever need 2 show anyone. In the 2 Open League tourney of a field of just under 9000 entries I managed 2 reach the paid players at 74th & a 264th. It was the Open League stats that surprised me as I had a +7996 & a score of 1601.62. Just by seeing that u probably realize I keep a record of those, maybe I should just open another column 4 how I place & I could eliminate the e-mails. Sadly the next couple tourney's I did not do as well & scores r back in the 1400 & 1500 at this time. I spent some time reading up on scoring in the tourneys & from my take it seems 2 b the best thing 2 keeping your stats at a higher level than most of the rest is 2 remain consistant. U could also throw in a few final tables & chances r very good u would b among those paid at months end. So I would b guessing here but since we all start at 1500 each month 1 should work at just sitting back at tourney start, unless u happen 2 pick up some very good hole cards, & let all of those ALL-IN experts clear each other up & hopefully out of the tourney. It surpirses me each time I watch this madness once the tourney starts, usually the Open League & because it is free many have no thought besides trying 2 acquire a huge stack. Not sure if they honestly believe they will win when going all-in on every hand but u cannot tell or teach someone who already know everything. Well luck 2 u all & I will b back with an update soon enough, I am off now 2 win back my Steed an Armor    have a great day everyone, Len.