My last couple postings were about how I was going 2 buckle down & raise my stats in the League standings, basically 2 show that what I have been taught with the School courses was solid gold. I was like a knight in shining armor off on a crusade 2 show the world that even though they may not have much good 2 say about PS there was a lot about the School 2 off set any negatives about PS that others may have, in fact I have my own negative thoughts about PS but they r groundless & mostly derived from envy. I think they r cheap, maybe those who play up in the clouds from where I play do well but as a Micro player I do not c much $ coming my way, which makes complete sense as I am taking my chances with very little $, why should those of us who only put out a small amount of $ expect a huge reward, & even there I am wrong as some do get huge rewards if they happen 2 do well in certain tourneys, so my complaints r really about me being cheap not PS. Anyways off I rode 2 uphold the honor of the School by bumping my stats in2 the top 100 if not the top 10. 2 days later I walked home as I had lost my steed and shining armor in a poker game. My stats? I believe they have taken a downward turn, the only 2 tools that had a + beside then was my Trickiness & Shooter. So I am headed back 2 school as there must b something I missed when going through the courses. Hopefully all the rest of u have faired better than I, good luck 2 u & I will b back soon 2 try again. Len.