So in the last posting a few hours ago I had said it was time 2 either give the School Leagues their due or neglect them entirely because doing something with only half of what u have is not giving it anything at all except excuses 4 failure & whether or not I agree with all PS does I do back the School 2 the hilt as it has probably done more good since it began than any other thing I have seen in any poker palace I have had the chance 2 look at. So it was up 2 me 2 either do as I said or sit down & hold my tongue. As soon as I put up the posting b4 this I found a OpenLeague & a Qualifier League tourney 2 start this journey. The Qualifier began first and I managed 2 place 3rd out of about 50 or so entrants, A 1st would have been a much better showing but 4 a first tourney on a new crusade making the final table & finishing in the top 3rd of it was not a bad start. The Open League Tourney had started while I was finishing up the Qualifier. 4 a short period of time I was in the top 100 of that tournament which had started with around 6000 entries but I could not keep that up, maybe if I had turtled once I had 40th maybe I would have done better but I had not made it 2 the 40th place by hiding, not my style anyways, I have no problem waiting 4 cards or hands worth playing, I still have problems playing like I c so many who will enter a hand with 9/2o, I do not understand playing those kind of hands, yes I have seen some of them hit & turn in2 monster hands but I would b willing 2 bet u need 2 play trash like that 10 times more often than a couple of decent hole cards b4 u build a monster out of them, whereas with 2 decent hole cards it may work out as high 50/50 if the cards happen 2 b falling your way at the time. Anyways I believe I placed above 1500 but under 2000 in that tourney, so in the top 3rd which is still quite a bit better than I was placing when I was just trying to enter as many tourneys as possible each day. That also may have showed me another error that I have been committing. U probably get more value from playing a few choice tournaments each day that u do from playing each & every one but not placing very high as u r overloaded with too much info & no time 2 use it. I guess the next few days will start 2 shape how this is going 2 work out, we shall c & I will let u know, until then luck 2 u all, Len.