I was in the top 100 & then 4 another week still in the top 200 in the Qualifier League, not sure if it was that or the fact u get 2 know the much smaller group of players than those in the Open League. Either or it does not really matter what did matter was I was leaving the Open League unattended & quickly sliding farther & farther down the ranking list. Then the same began 2 happen in the Qualifier League as I became more & more involved playing cash ring games. I managed 2 hit whatever step it is that is required 2 keep 1 in whatever stage u happen 2 achieved. I also lost a bit of faith with the school leagues when I went through my files which show a final table at least 10 times since I started here 3 months ago, also have 2 wins with those 10 + 8 of them had reached the $ stage but when I look at my stats there is 0 final tables & also 0 in the $. Maybe this is because all those wins where in the Qualifier League but I had been told the stats of the Open & Qualifier leagues r conbined, if so then they have errored a lot in my rankings & it is discouraging not 2 c the resuts after the effort that I put in 2 get those wins. That may also explain the draw of the cash games as the results r there as soon as u finish the hand. Even though I was not too impressed with PS I am still 1 of the Schools biggest fans, what is being done there is second 2 none & I would wager a bet that any newbie,  myself included, that the courses offered have increased our knowledge of the game & r probably the reason 4 any monetary gains. I decided that if I was 2 continue with the School Leagues then I needed 2 make a showing & at least do my best instead of just blowing it off. I was in about the middle of the pack in 2 Open League tourneys & that was enough 2 give my stats a 1000+ boost which I thought was pretty good since the middle of 7000 was not really that much of a chore so I think I may try giving the Leagues a bit more time & cut some off from the cash games which will always b there should the urge 2 join in come upon me. Hopefully all u Villians r doing better also as nothing would b nicer 2 c than a huge boost 4 all, Len.