I brought this up b4 & a very good, professional Poker Player answered what I had asked in that posting & what he said made more sense about the issue than I would have ever been able 2 figure out on my own. The issue at that time was about how so many players will have a raise b4 their turn or they just had enough of the hand being played. Even though u r almost 99% sure they will fold they still run the clock all the way 2 the very last second. At first I thought it must b they r running too many hands & those hands that r not going anywhere become secondary to those that still may make $ 4 them, so if they get 2 them b4 they time out fine, if not that is fine also. 4 the rest at the table it is just a long wait 4 something most know the result of. Then I found out it is just 1 more tool we use in our game. The Pro told me if he happens 2 notice the waiting is a bother 2 a player then the Pro makes sure to run the clock as often as possible, if it bothers a player 2 wait then the more he has 2 do it the more it may frustrate him/her & the more it frustrates them then hopefully it starts 2 throw them off their game enough that the Pro may get a chance 2 capitalize when or if the frustrated player makes a mistake. So now that I understand it I have started 2 use it from time 2 time myself. As 4 myself I know I am impatient so I deal with it, if u r aware of your weaknesses it is 2 your advantage 2 deal with them instead of trying 2 avoid them because if u do not take it head on an either correct it or learn 2 live with it then sometime down the road it will turn out 2 bite u on the ass. This is where zoom comes 2 the rescue, it allows u 2 ignore those waits by clicking 'fast fold' on off u go 2 a new hand. I have no idea how much damage it is doing 2 the games of those who use zoom at all times but the chances r very good that it is doing a huge amount of damage. As 4 myself I take myself away from it & play regular ring games a & tourneys. I have noticed that by making myself spend time in places other than zoom I have begun 2 get a grip on my impatience, hope the rest of u r also keeping it at bay & increasing your game 2 better & better results, good luck all, Len.