Well my Qualifier League stats may get a boost as I made a finally table but was bumped b4 I had reached the last 6 who would b paid, made it into the payed players in a head 2 head tourney & in another Quallifier tourney I was bumped at about the middle of the pack, I know the tourneys that r not League games do nothing 4 our stats but they help 1 keep their head in the right frame of mind until the League Tourney starts. Now what was it I noticed while whatching some of the big games that r on? It really is not something I noticed as in seeing it, it was more of a light turning on with the "oh yes" thought coming 2 u. There r many things that people do 2 theirselves or 2 others, I am talking of harmful or hurtful things, in fact there r so many different things done that I doubt antone could make a complete list of them but 1 of them that comes 2 mind that is despised by most. In fact it is this 1 thing that has ruined countless friendships, marriages and broken up families. This 1 thing has done so much harm 2 so many but in Poker it is a tool & looked upon as a great asset. In fact if we do not have this tool in our arsenal when we play the chances of winning a big tourney or game r probably not very good. So how many of u have figured out what this tool is? my guess would b many of u know what it is by now or if not it is not because u missed something or r just not very good with puzzles. The reason u may not have guessed what it is would b because when used in poker as I said it is considered an asset & most of us would not think an asset is a bad thing 2 have. I have tried 2 think of other places this ' thing ' would b looked upon as a good thing but at that I have failed, I am sure there r other places where it is deemed profitable. In poker the better u r at using this tool the farther u will go, so what is it? It is the ability 2 lie & make the rest at the table believe u r not holding a 10 high hand but that u r holding the best hand at the table at that time. Those who can lie better than the rest go much farther in the game, 4 example just watch the one clip where Helmut as his fellow player if he has looked at his cards yet & is told " no Phil I have not looked " so Phil says okay & makes a bet blind, I guess he was trying 2 spice things up. His fellow player had lied as the cameras show him taking a look when Phil was doing something else. They go all-in & when they show their cards Phil realizes the other had lied, in a situation like that I think it was used improperly as Phil was willing 2 believe the other player had some honor. Not even close, that guy, sorry I cannot recall his name, he would & probably has lied 2 everyone he knows, 2 him it is a tool used at any time any where. When used during a game I do believe it is an asset but those who forget 2 put the tool away when not playing r basically people with very low standards & morals. Len.