I was into a Qualifier League Tourney lare last night & I made it to the final table, sadly (4 me) that was about as far as I got, then entered another tourney a few hours later & pulled off the 1st place ribbon, me sitting on the table in the Qualifier League homeroom with a big smile on my mug that went from ear 2 ear, at least it did in my dayrdreaming mind. So 2 good finishes hopefully give the stats a boost as the 3rd 1 I entered I was bumped once we hit the last 3 tables from a 10 table start I think. May need 2 write down players in and # finished as I seem 2 have a bad habit over 4getting anything that may b negative or as I mentioned a few postings back, I may have had a senior momment, yeah right who am I trying 2 fool, I am a senior or will b soon enough. I also played the Open League tourneys but I never seem 2 last very long in those. Not sure why as they r the same as most of the players in the Qualifier. Guess we will c soon enough how the stats do.

P.S. Could someone please tell me why there is a % mark on a #, on each place that will be getting paid, this is when u click your mouse on the structure tab of the tourneys info page.. Good Luck 2 everyone & have a great day or night in your world. Len.




















































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