Well I figured my stats would take a hit as I was screwing around a little 2 much, also my play at zoom and ring tables has been sluggish & basically trash. I understand why so it should not b 2 hard 2 pactch things up. The biggest problem has been 2 darn tired 2 b playing anything except Sleep. Have been out on the ice lifting nets & when u r working in the cold snap we r having it has a tendancy 2 suck the energy right out of a person. Each day out there has been fairly windy so the chill factors r making it in2 the -30 range most of the time, glad we did it though as last night & 2day r near or under -40 which is 2 cold & very hard not just on your body but the equipment also, will b off 4 a few days now which is good, maybe I will not b falling asleep during play, which did happen a few times. Also I am a true believer now about not playing when very tired. I tried it & the things u miss because of being tired can really get u in2 some very tough spots. I am starting 2 find that almost everything we r told in the school is right on the mark. It would save many of u a pocket full of $ to just believe it & go from there instead of hearing it but having 2 go find out the hard way that what we r told is right, hope that made some sense, not much else to say 4 now so until next time, Len.