Well made the finlly table b4 being bumped at 5th, so Qualifier League stats should be boosted up, not the same with Open League where I was bumped out after about the first 10 hands when my pocket kings met the player beside me with pocket aces, that left me with $40 which then became $120 an then $480. That was when I started 2 think about what a great story this will make when I take 1st in this tourney after being down 2 $40, I was still working on a title for that when my K4 met K9 and we both ended up with two pair and I was on the outside looking in at that tournament. 2 bad because it would have been a great story      Hope everyone had a good to great day an I would like 2 apologize 2 any player I may have hurt by my comments that make light about amounts of $. Just because I have been blessed 2 b able 2 do as I please in this country, that is do as u please within the lines off the law. My work can & does generate a huge income which takes some very large hits each year 4 expenses but still leaves enough 2 play & eat well. I c the countries that many of the players here r from & those players have seen some terrible times over these last years. It is 2 those Players I apologize because the $s made here may very well help them get by each month or year, my joking about certain amounts may not b so funny 2 those other Players who may b making a living doing this. Anyways not much else 2 say, God Bless u and your families, Len.