Well my stats did not get trashed nearly as bad as I thought they would an even started 2 make a showing on my trickiness stat besides the 0 that has been there since they began anew, also I keep my stats in an Excel file so when u need 2 add space 4 another column on the $ amount that is a good thing I would think. I had figured I was done 4 the day as the 1 thing I had not bothered 2 say in any posting this past weekend was I was running on zero hours of sleep after getting 4 hours Thursday night. From when I woke Friday I did not sleep until I crashed near midnight last night. Not that I did not try but all I was doing was tossing an turning so played cards on my cell phone until I slowed down enough 2 sleep. Fri & Sat that never happened so I did my chores an errands then came back here. It was a good thing last night. When I first went 2 bed it started out the same as the past 2 so I got on the cell an played a couple zoom hands 4 a bit about 10 mins of that and I closed down 2 just 1 table. At $0.10-$0.25, I seldomly go all in but when I need 2 I will. I had dropped 2 about $22 from the max $25 when I snagged a set with my pocket pair an when the other player went all-in I called so now i was at about $45, a few hands later I and K9 of clubs when the flop had 2 clubs plus a king I raised, as it went around the table most playes were folding, then a player a couple of places behind me went all-in with his $50+ stack I though maybe he had AK but if not or he was using his large stack 2 pick up blinds an small raises then I had a better hand with a good chance of making my flush. I realized later it was probably a dumb call but hindsight is always telling us things we should ah or could ah done better. So I called with my $45 stack. His hole cards were A ? of clubs, sorry I do not recall his second club, all I saw was that ace of clubs with another club an I saw my stack going up in smoke, well the 5th club never showed up an I had Lady Luck with me as I managed 2 make a striaght an my stack became $90+. I played maybe 10 more hands b4 I caught myself nodding off an coming 2 timed out, a good enough sign 4 me 2 finally get some very welcome sleep so I signed off. I have gotten some very good advice about playing all those tables an some very comforting words from a PS villan. PS think up a better word 4 my fellow players because most of them will never become anything near that, as I said in a different posting I understand it is basically just a tool used when teaching but it now an always will rub me the wrong way. Even if a club had shown up on the bigger hand I played that fellow still would not have been a villan, he played his hand exactly how he should have an happened to get the dreaded "Bad Beat", had I lost 2 him I would not have enjoyed taking the hit but I still would not have gotten angry. What would there b 2 get angry about? Losing a hand? If all it takes 2 make u angry is a loss, even a loss 2 a so called Fish then I hate 2 tell u this but maybe taking an Anger Management Course would b a good choice, or possibly quitting this game. Len.