I honestly have no idea how many tournaments I entered 2day but if I was 2 say 25 I am probably not 2 far off the mark, it was a lot of fun but sadly many of them were School  Open & Qualifier league tourneys so my stats r going 2 take a serious butt kicking, I also stayed with zoom and ring tables but those did not do much either way, I did take a thrashing at 1 ring table but the others made up 4 that plus a bit. This whole day was a bit of a lesson, I saw part of a world poker game where a guy with some weird glasses ended up winning. I saw about an hour of the last table when this guy won. That was quite a few years ago, around the last time I watched TV. If u have read any other postings I have written u should know I like 2 read and I read a lot. Never have been much of a fan of television as there is so much junk, I am also a big fan of talk radio programs. I enjoy good movies but at times there r not many of those around, lots of movies but if it is not well made I have a hard time watching them. I happen 2 catch a movie on the radio last night, those I think r all old time but some, in fact many r very good. Those folks had decent talent and that was what I was working my way up 2 saying, folks with talent. Now that I have tried it I have new respect 4 many of u folks here. U have some real talent if u r running a bunch of tables. Maybe in time I will figure it out but chances r I will not have the "whatever" 2 b able 2 do it. Also I am sure u need 2 b serious about what u r doing & I screw around 2 nuch 2 take it too serious. So congrats 2 all of u who run lots of tables, 2  me u r a class act. Have a great night all & hope luck rides with u. Len.