I entered every tourney I could find with the tickets that r now good again an also entered the School Open & Qualifier league tourneys then choose a few from the tourney list, I clicked on the table 2 tile the tables on my screen, I almost started crying I laughed so hard when I saw all those games set & half of them already running. I wear glasses but they r 4 cing anything more than 20 or so feet away, I do not wear them 4 reading, something I happen 2 do a lot of, good thing my mother owns a used book store. Anyways the tables were so small I could barely make out what was going on, also had 2 zoom tables going 4 some dumb reason, maybe not so dumb as I managed 2 do fairly well on them after taking a couple hits cause I have a hard time folding poket kings with 1 on the table so I walked in2 a couple hits as some villian caught a flush, that happened twice but I returned the favour 2 some other villians shortly after that. by the way what's up with that, we r heros & everyone else is a villian? I understand having names 4 those who take the time 2 teach some of us parts of the game but I am not about 2 start calling fellow players villians & as 4 being a hero? I have no problem helping anyone out or doing things 4 folks but I sure do not look at myself as a hero, going off course 4 a few lines just 2 give u an example of doing things 4 others. The wife an I came back to my fathers farm (where I was 4 most of my younger years) when the poor old guy ended up with cancer, a man who never smoked or drank coffee in the 80 years he was around & he ends up with the big C, I can say yes I cried after I left the hospital because my old man had a big set, the biggest without doubt, he died screaming, not out loud but u could c his body cramping as he held his lips tighly together, why u would say would anyone go though that 4 when there r pain drugs readily available, he did it because he wanted his mind to b clear so my sister & mother could talk with him & he would answer when a spasm would pass. The doctor wanted to add it 2 his IV drip & he said no, do not give me anything that will fog up my last while with my girls. off course a bit there, sorry, back 2 the example. So dad always had  a garden and so we did it 4 him but I had never planted a garden so instead of maybe looking stupid by asking how much I just used up whatever seeds there & all the potatoes in the cellar. Well that Fall we had so much potatoes, corn, tomatoes & cucumbers there was no way we could eat that much so we made 3 trips 2 Winnipeg 2 the area of the city that has little & gave it all away, at first they would ask how much $, they took it of course but no idea what they thought, so that tells u I will help and those playing cards with me r not villians PS. Anyways I have no idea how some of u run many tables, I was jumping around doing things so fast I was dead in the tourneys b4 2 long but it was worth the laugh I got out of it, later all, hope your day is a great one. Len.

PS Game name is Astor G26, my dads name an he passed on the 26th of August.