I have nothing but good 2 say about PS School but this new card deal is a bit transparent in it's attempt 2 get players 2 move up the ranks, in the 2 months I played b4 the New Year there was a few challenges 4 us 2 achieve & once done we picked up tickets 4 tourneys, that system was down the last few days & 2day it is back but now if u want to attempt the challenge u need 2 play at $0.10/$0.25 or higher. So is it only about the rakes as they r bound 2 b higher when the pots r a minimum of 10 times larger than those at .01/.02 or even ,05/.10. So all the micro players r out? 2 bad so sad, put more cash in or do not bother. Not very classy a move in my books. Also why r the moderators who basically do a great job helping with most things, why r they powerless when it comes to those players who go on tilt with the chat & start insulting people at the tables. If the mods cannot cut them off or ban them from using the chat then they should b allowed 2 tell these fools with fowl mouths that their real name & address will be postsed in the forum or at least on Facebook. Then if we feel like taking care of the problem we know where we need to go on our next vacation Seriously they should b able 2 at least turn their chat off if they abuse it. Most players at the table really do not want to read fowl things said in anger, I understand they do not want 2 ban them from playing, the reason they r mad is it is time 2 add more cash 2 PS bottomless pit, so no way u would kick those players out, they r PS bread and butter. Each time they lose control they r buying something new 4 those who reap the benefits when PS cashes their cheque. Sort of ranting myself but at least it is not fowl, PS step up to the plate & help your floor men do their jobs with a bit of clout if needed. Len W

PS if any of you fowl mouth buggers would like 2 talk 2 me send a PM and I will give u my e-mail attached to my address and u r welcome 2 say what u like 2 my face if u think u have a big enough set, I know I do.