I was in a qualifier tournament a few hours ago, almost reach the last of 2 tables, bumped out at 23rd I believe but that is not what these words r about. During the tournament I had a run of lousy cards & b4 I knew it I was down over half of what I started with. I think I was in the BB spot and my hole cards were A/4 s, a player a few seats ahead of me raised my BB & when it came back 2 me instead of checking I went all-in, the raiser called  the rest folded. The raiser showed pocket KK and I was lucky enough 2 snag an A on the river. The player who lost still had 500-1000 chips so he was not knocked out of the game but he immediately posted an insult on chat and added something about me being a fish. I usually ignore these silly insults but I decided 2 respond this time. I said " why do those who lose a hand so often call the winner a fish, especially when we r both in a tournament that cost a whopping $1.10" impling if he was such a good player what was he doing down at my level.  A few minutes later I also said " 4 your information u r right, I am a fish & had just started playing here in mid Oct. I also laugh when I get called a fish as I am a commercial fisherman by trade". Nothing else was said about the insult or anything else but I was watching as his stack was getting slowly eaten up and just b4 the second hour break he went all-in with about 550 in chips, I had 5/6s plus about $12000 in chips so I called. He won easily as he had high cards & the flop was mostly face cards or close 2 it. Regardless of the fact that my 5/6 suited is not really that bad he took it as a gift and thanked me as now with what I put in & a few small bets b4 his all-in he had around $1300 & new a new life in the tourney. I do not know if u can say I gave him chips 2 help build up again but I was glad 2 c him win that hand. I may not have that instinct in me 2 crush all players as I climb the ladder in ranks so maybe I am missing something that is needed 2 succeed at poker, in fact if I have 2 b able 2 walk on people to get higher I will gladly remain here. In case u r wondering the answer is no, I am not a pacifist as I have my share of fight throughout my life. I just do not like taking advantage of someone just because I can, that in my eyes is a bully & they where who I fought with the most when I was still a young Turk. I think what happened & how it worked out was all 4 the best.

I do have a question that I cannot seem to get an answer 2, in the tournament that require a School ticket do the stats from them go 2wards our Open League stats or 2wards or Qualifier League stats?