A couple days ago I was asked by a player while playing in a Open League tourney why I was there, he could c I was at Gold Level & thought I had mistaken the tourney 4 a Premier League tourney, I answered him by saying I was trying 2 improve my stats & ranking, he wanted 2 know what stats, b4 I could answer him I was moved 2 another table an shortly after that I was bumped from the tourney by foolishly calling a all-in with pocket 10s, they did not improve against pocket kings & that was the end of that tourney 4 me. I had a full schedule with things 2 do so it was awhile b4 I was back here. Then last night I read a posting by another player saying many had no idea about the extras 1 can make by being among the many school members. Once I finished reading that I recalled the question asked in the tourney mentioned up top. That player had no knowledge of PS School, how that is possible is beyond my understanding, the only way I can think this would b possible is that in all the countries we have players from maybe they do not c what most of us in the West c, maybe the PS software in some places is not as up 2 date as it is here? Just guessing as I really do not know. I put up a posting sometime back asking why there r so many who limp when all the school info says "if the cards r not good enough 2 make a raise, excluding those few times when u slow play a hand hoping 2 gain more with your monster hand,so if u do not have enough faith in your hole cards 2 make a raise, a reraise or a check 2 a raise then those cards should b mucked. I understand why all the players who do limp r doing it, a cheap way 2 get a look at the flop. The school said thoughout the courses & even the live teachings with a PS instructor, do not limp in2 a post flop, if u like the hole cards dealt 2 u then bet if not then fold. I do not know how it is for the high rollers but I play anywhere from $.01-$.02 up 2 the $.10-$.25 and once in awhile I  will $.25-$.50 & $50-$1.00. All those tables have scores upon scores of players who limp. It is probably 2 the advantage of those who have gone through the school courses 2 b playing those who never gave it a seconds look as we r sure 2 have more knowledge than almost all of them, plus there r the bonuses we receive just 4 being part of the school's system. It makes me wonder why they bother with a free tourney but will never bother 2 check out the school, no time I guess, they need 2 get 2 the tables & make $ as fast as they can & when they r bumped from a tourney or lose their stack at a table it is just because of those darn Bad Beats that show up 2 darn often. Happy New Years all, Len.