Here we r around a hour & a 1/2 from the New Year, many of u have had it already, I would like 2 say 1 thing on that then move on 2 my reason 4 this posting. If u r out and about, maybe bar hoping or at a party & just checking in here from time 2 time make sure u have arranged 2 b getting home if u have indulged in a few drinks. U have probably been hearing this from many over the last few days, I say it because your life is not worth losing. Even if u have not been drinking many of the vehicles on the roads right now have drivers who r impaired, so just make those arrangements 2 get a lift home.


Now 2 what I would like 2 know, r only the School tourneys used to decide our rank or do all tournamrnts count towards our league ratings? I have had a fairly good day so far, did not do too much tourney wise but did well at the tables, also finished all challenges & also another step in my new rating as a gold member. It is the tournaments that I would like 2 know about, if u know & read this please let me know on the blog or through PM, thank u all & hope your night is a good one.