I had figured I would buckle down & take things with a lot more thought & show the patience I know is in me, I did not make it 2 the 17th best Chess player in British Columbia by being impatient, it may have been years ago but that is something that is a piece of your character so it never leaves u, as 4 Chess it is a game that u had better have a good understanding of in your mid 2 late teens or u will not get very far, whatever that is a story 4 another time. I made up a list of things I hope 2 achieve here, during the coming year. I had or have a couple easier steps 2 start with, as in making it 2 the final table in tournaments 4 a couple days in a row. Well last night I placed 4th in a League Tourney I thought but it has not shown up & my winnings were around $25. It was also the first time I have seen the little box u can put a check mark in2 so if the others still playing do so then I guess a deal is made on how we would like 2 split up the prize $ & not worry about playing 4 another hour or so. I had sat at 1st place with over a million in chips 4 quite awhile, felt pretty darn good & even though I did not finish 1st I was very satisfied with how I played. Then about a hour ago I finished 4th once again in a Qualifier League tourney, only about $3 paid there but I was feeling even better about how I played, I took a pretty good hit early and only had about $450 left but managed to build it back up 2 over $30,000 once we went to play at the final table. I guess I could have turtled & just paid blinds which may have gotten me a spot or 2 closer 2 first but I cannot get myself 2 play like that. Probably some other part of my character that will not let me just lay there & take it, I am not an in your face kind of person but if I am there 4 awhile most will b aware of it b4 2 long. So my question is since I managed 2 achieve 1 of my easier goals 4 2017 would I b cheating by counting these 2 that r 3 & 4 days early? I kind of think that is what it is, & in a few days just get back at it & do it once again, hopefully. If anyone would like 2 let me know their thoughts on this I would appreciate the feed back, until then may u all b safe, families included, & have a Great New Year.