I played cash table, some last night and a few hours 2day, not easy playing there after zoom, it is like slo-mo, I got my ass handed 2 me on a platter a couple times but over all playing .05-.10$ I padded the BR by about $75, but I am curious, did anyone playing the very bottom of eligible stakes get a visit from Santa?


The other thing I was wondering about, I catch myself doing this also, in a hand u figure u r beaten and chasing after the cards u need is a long shot. Another player at the table raises, a big raise so even though there is almost no chance u will call or reraise u still let the timer run almost 2 the end b4 u muck your cards. I understand that at times this is justified because we r honestly thinking of calling & we r going over the hand mentally along with calculating our odds. This is ok as at times we need 2 go over what would b our best play in response to the raise we r facing. I c so many running the clock out or very close 2 it b4 folding, why r we doing this, r we fooling ourselves that and extra minute may change things? I would b willing 2 wager a bet that 80% of the time we had made up our minds about folding within the first few seconds after we c the raise. What is it that makes us draw our folding out, I would also wager a bet that at a 9 player table the 7 watching already know what we do, there will b a fold. I guess the person that raised may b on the edge of his seat if this happens 2 b  the bluff he finally decided 2 try after waiting 30 or 40 hands. He may b the only person at the table praying 4 the fold. The only reason I brought this up is I find it 2 b 1 of the strange tics almost all of us has an I cannot figure it out no matter how many ways I look at it from. If anyone has an answer 2 this please post it.


Also Merry Christmas to u all, I hope this season turns out 2 b all and more than u and your family planned 4, best wishes 2 your kin an good luck 2 u, Len.