I was in a Qualifier League tourney a week or so back, even received an e-mail saying congrats about my win, this was not like the tourneys that pay the last 5 or however many and if u get 2 that stage the tourney is over. I had 2 finish with another player & myself where I finally managed 2 rake in all the chips. I look at my stats & there is still nothing on reaching a final table ( which I have done on 3 occasions) & still no mention about getting in on league $. Oh well, all I can do there is bring it 2 the attention of PS & hope 4 the best, all that is old news.

The last while my stats have tumbled down on a fairly good nose dive. I started playing here mid Oct. & my stats looked good after a couple weeks 2 a month of play. Then it was as if I had hit a wall, hit it hard enough that I was bounced back & back. So I started doing a few things, sort of like a ball pitcher, instead of relying on my best pitch, a fast ball I started using a change up at different times. I look at my stats 2day & I am back on the Trickyness ( PS needs help with their words 4 things, they r fine in the $ department, in fact much better than fine, they need trucks 2 haul away what we give each day in rakes) stat an the Shooter stat. 1 day of tourneys, so maybe at the very most 50 change ups by me, I did not last as long as I would have liked in the tourneys, that was enough 2 turn things around. If so few moves can do so much u would think it should not b that difficult 2 b near the top on any given day, wrong, wrong, wrong. The closer we get 2 the top the more little traps there r 2 dodge. Hope 2 meet u all up near the top, have a great day everyone.