i have been talking with a few players about the anger that flares up on the chat box after losses, at least I had thought it was about the losses. A very decent person opened my eyes 2 the fact that many of the chat flare ups r just folks letting off steam & most probably regret what was said in the heat of the moment. That had not occured 2 me as I cannot type fast enough 2 make my emotions known, by the time I would finally get written what I would say almost everyone at the table would not realize I was talking about a hand played 10 mins b4, they might even think it was whatever about happened the last hand played & rightly so take it the wrong way. Then I also found out that when a couple players r just talking over things the others at the table c this & many r rude enough 2 say some very insulting things 2 those using the chat. What is going on? R there that many players sitting there full of anger 4 whatever reason & then cing others in a civil conversation having 2 interrupt them with old school rants like calling others queer or gay. I am not sure how it is in most countries as I have been in Canada 4 a long time, the years I was over seas I was too young 2 have talked about that sort of thing. It is sort of common these days 2 c same sex couples, it really is not an insult 4 someone calling others queer, the only insult there would b the person saying it because they r just telling all how backwards they r, I am glad that so far I have not come across any racism during these rants. Most of us r here 2 play a game & possibly get a chance at taking home a bundle of $ if we play our cards right ( pun intended ). We r coming in2 a season that is supposed 2 bring out the best in us all so b4 the few who do toss insults around please read this & remember that those at the table with u r just playing a game, 1 that really has no room 4 ignorance. It would b a good way 2 enter the New Year, without anger or insults, just congrats on a good hand played. Not much about the game in this but with a small % of players changing their behavior it would make the experience of playing here that much better 4 all. So Merry Christmas & Happy New Years 2 all of u, I hope the next couple weeks r all & more than u hoped 4.