I was all pumped up, had my few days of decent play with a reward of a final table, a 24th place out of about 7000 entrants and earlier the 1st place finish, so went 4 another. Why not, that stuff about not playing tired or when drinking was obviously ment 4 lesser beings than I, besides my last drink was about 10 years ago, never did acquire a taste 4 it & when I did indulge I always seemed 2 end up playing either the fool or the ass. I had slept a couple hours on the side of the road after hauling some equipment 2 a northern fish camp as we prepare 4 our winter commercial fishing season. Well I had the swelling of my ego put back where it should b, right inside me on the ground, I found out I was not in the clouds unless it was fog coming off the lake & no I could not walk on water. I had taken the time an effort 2 do somethings right and even in this last tourney it was not as if I did anything really dumb, my pocket 10s met pocket aces about a third of the way through the meet and I did not pull a Bad Beat out of the hat. I did sit in first place for awhile near the start of the tourney so nothing to b all messed up over. I had not really thought I was ready 4 1st place yet so managing 2 get 1 was a bonus an not getting another the next time out is not a shock. In fact it might b good as it is a wake up call telling me 2 keep working hard 2 improve.


PS still hoping 2 receive ideas on how we can save our extra tickets so those without can dip in2 the pile when they r in need.