I had thought, mistakenly, that because I had a good day with tourneys that my stats would take a big jump on the + side but I now know 1 good day does not erase a couple weeks of bad 2 terrible days. I have figured out that since there is not much I can do about un-used tickets I should not over load myself with so many tourneys I am only using tickets. With so much, as in 6 -12 tourneys running all at once it is probably too much 2 try an accomplish anything on the + side without Lady Luck keeping watch on each of my hands played. I am much better off going with 2-4 and if some tickets expire there is nothing I can do on that issue. At least not yet. I would like to ask all school members to get on board with me & petition Pokerstars to open a box where we can drop our extra tickets into. I understand PokerStars would like us, players, 2 earn the tickets & if players can just grab spares from the box they may not enter contests 2 try an acquire them. As said I understand the why so maybe there could b a contest set up that if completed allows players a day or so grace & access 2 the box, not sure how 2 go about asking PS 4 this so I am open 2 suggestions. Please if any of u who c this posting have an idea on how 2 make it work please forward your thoughts my way with your name as I have no intention 2 take the work or I should say idea, as my own. If supplied with an idea I would have no problem trying 2 do the work 2 open that door. At this time I think I am close to 60 extra tickets and watching them die kind of sucks.

So please anyone with any idea on a way 2 let these tickets get used instead of wasted send it along & I will try to draft something up once I have it, I will send it back 2 whoever sent me their idea so they can check it out b4 anyone sees it, u will also have veto powers which u may use if u do not like what I send, if u say no then I will trash it & try again. lets make this work school m8s. Len W.