I have watched my stats go on a steady downward spiral this last week or so & there is no one 2 blame but myself. I was worried about wasting tickets, I have about 40-50 of them so I was entering every tournament I could use them on & while doing that I would c other tourneys that interested me so I would enter them also, really really dumb. At times I had so many going at the same time I would go all-in anytime I had 2 cards that had even a slim chance & if I lost it made no difference as I still hand a handful going. Then I noticed I was starting 2 do some of the same dumb things at the $ tables. I am fortunate in that I can use a fair amount of $ 4 my entertainment so the losses really did not concern me. After playing yesterday I happened 2 read the saying " if u r going 2 do something then do it 2 the best of your ability, whatever it is may not end up being the best but at least u gave it your best so u have nothing 2 worry about or b shamed over ". That opened my eyes and mind, did I want 2 continue playing this game and not caring about any of the results? When I was in my late teens I was living in Vernon BC. and I was a member of the Canadian Chess Federation, I managed to work my way 2 being the 17th best player in the province, had my name & stats published in the mag that came out each month. I was proud of that accomplishment, I did not go around making sure all knew about it, I knew and I also knew I had done as good as I could & that was a very good feeling. So 2day I decided 2 start trying 2 at least do better. The Winner, the Loser & who is doing the damage r all me at different times during the day. So I took some of what the shcool said about playing in a tourney to heart. I did not win but I did make it 2 the final table & was bumped at 7th place, I did not do as well in a couple others but I played with thought & was aware of those at the table with me & how they played. Also the tourney in which I went to the final table was a School league tourney so my stats may start looking better. As 4 the $ tables I dropped back a couple levels & played with a little more caution. I did not leave with my BR all swollen up ( 2 bad ) but I did leave with more than I had when I entered. All in all I feel I did a huge % better, a Final Table, a 24th place & a few extra $ in the BR. Not a complete winner but far from the loser & 4 now the damage has stopped. Hopefully u all do the same or better.