have heard mant times there r no more Bad Beats on-line than in real life, just many more hands so we c it happen more often on-line. Also many so called Bad Beats r just Bad Play if 1 is honest enough 2 accept this. I know a lot of my losses r because I am impatient and instead of making a decent bet 2 c the Flop & maybe the Turn  River and picking up extra info that may save u from that Bad Play. It does not make a lot of sense 2 push it all in when the pot is only 10-20% of your stack. I have no problem knowing I made a mistake, hopefully I will learn from it. Some will not as I watched a player lose his stack then use the chat 2 insult the winner, saying stuff about fish and Bad Beats. It was Bad Play that caused the loss. the loser had pocket kings and the winner pocket aces. Pocket Kings went all-in which bumped myself the sb & the bb out & pocket aces called. The flop was ace, king, 7, the turn was a 2 & the river a 9. So the hand was over b4 the Flop & it was over because of Bad Play not a Bad Beat. the loser should have looked in a mirror & insulted himself 4 playing the part of Joker. So there is Bad Play instead of Bad Beat.

Now about this " not more Bad Beats on-line just more hands seen ", I do not believe this. I spent a couple hours with a deck of cards, I dealt it as a 6 player table & any 2 hole cards that looked good I kept in, no bets. I dealt 200 hands and even with multipule players in many of them there where only 10, ( 9 actually but 10 works better 4 average ) so 5% of the hands became Bad Beats, and not from the Flop or b4 but on the Turn or the River. I am sure that % is high because I hand more hands stay in all the way. If u watch even 100 hands on-line u will c a much higher % of Bad Beats. I did not bother 2 do that yet but I am just going by how many I notice during a few hours of playing. Why? I have no idea, I do not believe there is any big conspiracy but 4 some reason there r much more Bad Beats on-line than at a casino or a home game. Maybe it has something 2 do with the random dealt computer cards instead of live dealt cards. It may even b some sort of mathematical reason but that would b beyond my knowledge 4 sure. Maybe it was a 1 time thing with the 200 hands I dealt but I can say 4 sure we get more Bad Beats regardless of the Bad Play on-line.