Just looked at this last posting & realized I had used a completely different or wrong situation 2 try and explain how I felt. The hunting story would belong to a story of a player winning 1st place in a tourney they thought was a 5 or 6 figure payout then finding out 2 of the figures where after the decimal. A let down but not a crushing 1, just as my shooting of the buck was supposed 2 b some big thing but in reality it bothered me. This buck was just out looking 4 a doe, he was a 6 pointer so he probably did well as far as the doe thing goes. I grew up on a farm so 2 have 2 butcher an animal was not a huge surprise, I also understand that a certain number of deer need 2 b culled otherwise their population will reach a point where Mother Nature will step in 2 cure the problem and I can assure u most deer would choose the bullet over some lingering health issue that takes 6 months of suffering b4 it is over. so even though I understand it does not mean I have 2 like or enjoy doing it, enough about that as I am just getting myself worked up as other memories come up over this hunting aversion of mine.

So after rereading the post I saw it was not telling a story properly, I feel like I will not make it 2 the top of the pile because I just do not have the ability 2 wait everyone out. During tournaments I c many who will stall 2 the very last second of the timer b4 folding, once I c the same player do this twice I start trying 2 guess what sort of job they work at & the one that comes 2 mind most of the time is when u pass a crew building or fixing roads they always have a tractor pulling about a half dozen carts filled with stone, each cart has about 10 tires 2 support the weight, the person on the tractor is moving about 2.5 kms per hour. That is the player at the table doing a 16 hour shift at 2.5 kph. I have on occasion spoken 2 these workers & the first thing they say "the $ is great". BS, the only time driving a tractor is good $ is when it is your tractor and u r on your land seeding or harvesting, & that is not always good $ either.

I am not a big fan of Zoom but the pace there is great. I would like 2 play more tourneys but I hate all the stalling, so u last longer? Just play & build your stack, that will keep u in the tourney a lot longer than stalling will.

I have 1 other beef about the playing, I am not good at it so at the very most I play 2 tables, PS should track multi table players & if they time out on a constant basis because they cannot keep up they should be cut back 1 table, if timing out continues then reduce by 1 more table, that is it 4 now, gl  everyone, I hope your time at the tables is better than u hoped.