The person that convinced PS 2 start this school should get an award, I am sure PS still does very well with the rakes and other small takes as I am sure they add up 2 huge sums of $ each and every day. I have no problem with that, the games r their business and well run companies should do well. The school has probably helped many figure out their game and some of those same folks have made some $ which is another good thing. If 1 keeps their head clear and follows though with what was taught in the lessons they have a better chance than those who decided halfway through lesson 1 that they had it figured out & off 2 the tables they went. I have been at this just 2 months & I have come 2 realize I will probably never c the rest of u from the lofty hieghts of the top of the pack. I lack 1 of the most important parts that make those at the top as good as they r. The piece I am missing is called patience, I just cannot seem 2 wait 4 the cards, dice or whatever else I am trying 2 turn my way. Then I try 2 make it by ( especially poker ) playing cards that, only fools like myself, should never enter into a hand.  Of course they will become monster hands from time 2 time but in reality they r garbage. It amazes me how many r doing this exact thing. There must b a term 4 this type of player besides 'FOOL', something that says it properly. It reminds me of a thing I c during most hunting seasons, something I went through years ago when I used 2 hunt. It is called "buck fever", I had a bout with it my first season, u get so pumped up the deer has absolutly nothing 2 worry about, in fact he could go right on eating because the chance u will hit him with a bullet r about the same odds u get buying a lotto ticket. Unfortunately in my case my father was there & he was able 2 calm me enough that I did manage with my second shot 2 hit & kill my first & last buck. I do like 2 eat venison but the only shooting at them I do since then is with a camera. so I am sure it is the same with poker, a name not just 4 when u have a great hand but also when playing hands that u should not. If there is a word or name please let me know.

Also is there some site or place that shows what the deposit bonus word is? Seems 2 b a waste of $ not 2 use it there happens 2 b one.