I managed 2 attain 1 of my goals earlier this evening, I made it 2 the final table in a tournament that started out wirh ( I did not check but we were in the third hour of playing when we finally got to 9 left.) guess this goal was not setting the bar very high but at my level of play making the goal 2 b ' say first place in a tournament with a starting group of a couple thousand ' may have taken me quite abit longer and possibly because of no progress it could have made the game a chore instead of an enjoyable hobby. not sure on that but as is I reached a goal and even though that was as far as I got, I was the first to be bumped from the table. the school has been a great resource and has increased my poker knowledge by a huge %, it was something I really needed. Also the trainers and instructors have been a great bonus & helpful with just about anything I have asked about. U can never gain too much knowledge. Anyways this has been a great month and I look  forward 2 the next.