2 start with I want 2 apologize 2 all who read these posts, in the last 1 I posted under this title I brought up an issue I had.  #1 It should never have been posted in or on this site as we r using this 2 ask and learn about the game, we could debate on issues of game play but 2 bicker over a personal matter there is PM or PokerStars trainers who can direct us in the proper direction. So because of my big mouth and lousy temperment I skipped those 2 options along with a probable list of many more.  I ask u all 2 please accept my apology, thank u, Len.



I still would like 2 lnow if anyone knows about the list on the ranking of our hole cards when in different position at the table. I know I saw it but not sure it was on this site, thank u.