Well I wanted 2 c what would happen if I was in the final and did not bother looking in until a proper time in my world, also had the % thing on my mind 4 a bit of the day after I gave it some thought yesterday. Not sure what sort of mathematics r involved, the simpless form at the very start obviously, but it has been many years since I sat in a math class & 2 top that off I was also foolish enough 2 drop out after 2 years of high school, only needed 2 more 2 finish but back then 1 did not need much schooling at the commercial fishing game, just a strong back and the drive, sorry, getting off course with my thoughts & words. Back to BEAT THE CLOCK. I placed 939th an won a $. there was 22163 in at the start so i probably won 4 or 5 of the heads up all-in rounds, also 1st place only needs about a dozen wins, that may b wrong as I have not bothered 2 work it out. Anyways i take back some of what I said against this game, it's still a little foolish ( & I played it again so who's the fool? I am honest so I know I need 2 place myself there if I want 2 continue saying it is foolish ) but as I was informed it does say at the beginning that it is a heads up showdown. Anyways I hope any of u others that happened 2 b in there did much better than I did. Later all, hope your day is a good one.