I have made it 2 the so called tournament in the "BEAT THE CLOCK" twice, not easy as trying to last the 5 minutes 2 get there can b a ride all in it's own right, there r a few choices u can make at this stage so it almost fools 1 in2 thinking that SOMEONE MUST HAVE BEEN THINKING WHEN THEY THOUGHT THIS UP. U can bet your bankroll on that, the have probably made a few truck fulls of compressed 100 $ bills on this game. it was a game all the way and it was played on any of us foolish enough to enter. I think I know why the "Tournament" part goes off at 4am, so most of us do not c it. in fact the first 1 I made it to I thought there was something wrong with my connection 2 the site as it showed me at a table the another was seated and a hand played, no options 4 me or the other. I looked 2 pick up my java & looked back to c an empty table. nothing else happened so I figured the site crashed or my connection was messed up.

Now I know everything was just as it was supposed 2 b as I just played my second tourney of "BIG TIME JOKE" sorry, my other name 4 this foolishness, so my second run at "BEAT THE COCK", I lasted about 9 or 10 rounds, still no options 4 us sitting there, we just watch as we r automaticly put all-in regardless of your cards and the hand is dealt, u win a bit later u play again. what would the odds b 2 win say 2000 hands in a row of all-in against 1 other? there r only 2 of u each time so does it stay at 50/50? like a coin toss each time it is 50/50, does it stay 50/50 at the 100th flip or hand? I have no idea as I am not into those sort of figurings. All I know 4 sure is this CLOCK deal was not much of a deal at all, unless we were told b4 hand that our presence was not required at the final and we got an hour or 2 more sleep.