20 July, 2012 - First deposit, $27.05. Hopefully, my last as well.
21 July - Entered two satellites of $0.33 each for Micromillions, Field size, 157 and 106. Won both, held chip lead in both as well. Registered for two tournaments, cant wait to go up against acoimbra.


Micromillions Event 82, $2+0.20, Entrants 10858, ITM at 1440, finished at 2449.

Raced into an early lead, then went card dead. Knocked out after approximately 2 hours 45 minutes of play. Was short stacked, had around 9k with average at 22k, blinds 300/600. Game had turned very tight, raised 4 Big blinds from early position with AKo. Folded all the way to big stack on SB, who reraised to 6k, I went all in leaving just us in the pot. He called and turned over JJ. Flop came Q-10-5, then a J on the turn gave me a straight and sent me into total delight. And then the guy hits another J on the river giving him mighty quads. Oh well.

$1 Tounament, $2500 guaranteed. Knocked out very early, Aces cracked by Q-7.