Hey Guys,

As some of you may have read, I have been "shopping around" to find my own profitable niche, and I believe I found it today 

I have played 27 SNGs, 4 at a time, tiled on my screen, with Tournament Indicator and HM2 HUD as well as Tournament Shark.

All the info, gives me a chance to steer clear of all the lunatics in the beginnning and slowly build a stack, until we are around 20 left, then go into agro mode and take down the smaller stacks and 3Bet all the big stack fish.

With a stack 6,000+, you can make it to FT and from there on, itis just to sit back and let the agro fish knock eachother out and make the money. From there on in, it all about shoving to keep up with the blinds (it's a turbo).

I finished 1st x 2, 2nd x 2, 3rd x1 and 4th x 1 out of 27 played.

The other good thing is, that it gives me somethingt o do, when playing The Big tourneys for hours with any action.

Great day today money wise AND I just got the email that I qualified for The Premier League as well.