What do you think is more profitable to play, at the micro stake levels ?

Definitely MTTs in my opinion, since the players at this level seems to lack the tenacity and patience that it takes to go through a 1000+ field. If you sit back, and watch a movie for the first 2-3 hours and only play Slanske Group hands and use an ABC approach, then you are halfway in the money (luck provided, of course).

But grinding $1,5 45-player Turbo SNGs can also be quite profitable, if you take the same approach. But don't CALL anything on the first 3 levels, then start stealing instead. It is too risky to call off tomuch of your stack in the beginning, and the pots are not worth fighting over. Better to sit back a leave the fish to knock eachother out and then at the 150BB Level begin to strip the of their stack, bit by bit.

Any views/thought/comments on my assumptions?