In 2010-2011 I had a pretty decent bankroll and I would play up around 100 $20 STTs daily. Sometimes I won a lot, sometimes not, but it gave me my basic poker skills and I have since spend enormous amounts of time, both playing and reviewing, but also revising my whole approach to the math of poker. Since I am no math wizard, I have had to simplify all the heavyICM,EV+ etc stuff, down to a single, easy to use strategy, that I have called P3eV.

As my bankroll is now in the hundreds, not thousands, I have been forced down to playing at the $1-$2 STT/MTT level. I find this very challenging, since no one else seems to understand much about probality and statistical winrates of hand ranges, and I find my self over thinking my decisions, and giving my opponents either too much or too little credit, either of them getting me into trouble, as I would go on tilt after being sucked out of the 10th STT in a row, getting my chips in just right, and lose anyway.

So I have given myself the challenge of only playing at the micro stake level and learn to control my emotions and improve my reading skills.

Thank God I recently found one place in the whole world of Internet Poker, where you could actually meet some opponents that where able to lay down a hand and that's called The Premier Skill League Qualifier. The buyin is $1 and the filed is around 150-200, levels are 10 minutes and the competence level of the opponents has simply revived my love of this game.

If you stick around, you can follow my challenge as I (hopefully) qualify to the Premier Skill League next month.

So welcome back!