Hi all! 





Last Sunday was a big day for Pokerstars. Thanks to #EPTLive, l got the chance to play in the 109$ buy-in Tournament 900 Million, THE milestone celebration of having hosted a massive amount of tournaments. (l actually won the #FridayGiveAway by guessing how many tips @Stapes made during his massage challenge.)

109$ ... That's about my entire bankroll! About to be playing way above my level, l turned to my friends for advice. They gave me amazing advice that enabled me to play the tournament with a lot more confidence than l would have anticipated. 

* Forget the buy-in, you are freerolling! Play it like you would any other freeroll and you will be fine!

* Relax and focus on making good decisions. Nerves? Thats your opponents problem!

* Sell some shares, it instantly takes off the pressure to make the money and you can go for the win!

* Forget about the massive field. All you have to do is concentrate on your own table.


Without these golden nuggets, l probably wouldn't have been able to play the best game l could at that time. So for those who helped me see the situation more clearly, again... THANKS <3

l also want to thank the people on the rail. The support by you guys and the people that bought shares gave me that extra push in the right direction. 


Now... How good were my decisions? Take your time to go through the upcoming hands and please feel free to comment. We are all here to learn and it's a neverending process, so bring it on!


Hand 1: 

l am on the BB with KTo. The button had been pounding on my blinds. l figured it was time to show him that l wouldn't go without a fight and decided to 3bet him as a bluff. At that moment my hand didn't really matter to me, l just wanted to make a stand, with decent playability lF called. l didn't expect him to call me light, as it was my first 3bet and having been pretty tight in the previous rounds. Being OOP, l decided to make a big 3bet, to discourage him playing back at me just because he had position. He called anyway, so l decided to continue cautiously.

l decided to CB a little under half pot, which in retrospect should have been a bit bigger as l was looking for a fold, not planning to fire a second barrell. He called the bet and we both checked the turn. The river was a K, which could cost me more chips if he had called my 3bet with hands like AK, AA, KK or even KQ. Also there was a chance he would reraise me as a bluff because l took a b-x-b line, which l wouldn't be comfortable calling as l set him on a pretty strong range. l went with my showdownvalue and took down the pot.

Also, showing down my hand had another advantage. He from that point on didn't attack my blinds nearly as much as he did before, knowing l'm not afraid to defend light.

After the hand, l knew l had given him too much respect for calling my 3bet. lnsecurity snuck in and l took the safest route. lf he calls a 3bet with such a hand, l can imagine him calling a riverbet with his low pair, so l took a note and from now on, l'll be putting more pressure on that opponent, lF l ever encounter him again.  




Hand 2: 

Again, l think l gave the player on the button too much credit. Flatting an lso with that stackdepth, l ranged him to have 88+ and some high suited aces. l had already tagged him as a fishy player at that point, but l had no good read on him. He wasn't particularly loose passive, so it threw me off a bit. With this in mind, being called by the player on my right too, l decided not to CB my draw. l doubted l could make many pocket pairs fold, so l planned on check/calling, up to a potsize bet, especially when it would be called by the limper too.

The button was very nice and sized his bet small, giving me the chance to see the turn with a very good price. The turn however was a not a heart and when the buttons shove got called by the limper, l thought; l might be up against a set here, a nut flushdraw, or in the best case a top pair at least. This call would impact my stack immensely, more so if l lost than if l won. l wasn't drawing to the nuts, if l hit an overcard l didn't know if it would be good, so l made the fold. A healthy stack and on to the next hand.

l think preflop got me in a tough spot here. l think l should have sized my iso raise bigger, or not have bet at all. l'm working on the issue and would love to hear what you think!




Hand 3: 

So l just realised l have a massive sizing tell. Lol. Again l am iso raising. This time l do size bigger, but for the wrong reason. Thank gawd these guys don't fold to any size right? l think using the lso raise early in the tournament shouldn't be done lightly, unless you're willing to fire off at least 2 barrells postflop. Then again you need pretty good reads to do that, which you usually don't have in the early stages. Or at least l shouldn't do it lightly yet hahaha.

What l'm wondering about here is the check on the river. Again, l took the safe route and maybe missed out on value. l surely need to work on my handreading and stop fearing weak draws that drop.




Okay, l'm out of spoons* so l will continue this in part two. Hope you help me analyse my play!!